INSPIRE registry

About INSPIRE registry

The INSPIRE registry provides a central access point to a number of centrally managed INSPIRE registers. The INSPIRE registry help data providers, solution providers, and national coordinators find the reference codes within INSPIRE.

The INSPIRE registry has a specific governance model for change proposals. Check the INSPIRE registry helpdesk to get familiar with the change proposal process and duties of Submitting Organisations and the Control Body and to submit any changes.

The INSPIRE registry is based on the Re3gistry software developed under first ARE3NA and continued by ELISE Actions respectively in under the ISA and ISA2 European Interoperability Programs.

The Re3gistry software is a reusable open-source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’ through the use of persistent URIs, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in any domain.

Find more information on the Re3gistry on Joinup or get the latest code from the Re3gistry Github's development space.