INSPIRE Validator

The purpose of the INSPIRE validator is to help data providers, solution providers and national coordinators to check whether data sets, network services and metadata meet the requirements defined in the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines. The validator provides detailed test reports to help implementers understand how well their data, services, metadata or software solutions are doing (or where improvements may be needed).

The validator is based on the Abstract Test Suites agreed between Member States and the Commission in the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group. The current version of the validator contains all tests for INSPIRE metadata, download services based on WFS or Atom and data sets related to Annex I themes (Addresses, Administrative units, Cadastral parcels, Coordinate reference systems, Geographical grid systems, Geographical names, Hydrography, Protected sites, Transport networks). Data sets of other themes under Annexes II and III can already be tested against the cross-cutting requirements for data interoperability.

Users are invited to raise any issues related to the feedback validator page.

The validator has been developed under ARE3NA, Action 1.17 of the ISA Programme.